Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Glorious Weeks

My trip to Costa Rica was glorious indeed! I met some wonderful new friends from the Chi and down there, and I can't wait till the next trip back. Thanks to all hosts Don Pauli, Sara, Mundo, Family and Tio Ben. Pura Vida!

Into the Night:


Dream House and Car in the Village-I Just Have To Photoshop Myself In:

At Home in Dominical

As soon as I got there, it was as though I had never left. I got mistaken for a local a plenty, at last learned how to surf (couldn't get enough), and had a general SUPER time. Playa Dominical is a surfer spot with a nice sand break, great for surf babies like myself. When I got too tired I switched to the boogie board and short fins. Fun!

Everybody Out To Watch The Sunset At Playa Dominical:

Surf Family:

Catchin The Last of the Surf:

Lets Go Jump In A Cave!

After a good breakfast we headed up the mountain for a healthy one hour hike for the White Rock caves. Albeno set up the repelling rig and down we went into the world below. I wasn't quite ready for the climb back out thirty or so feet but a little courage and 'man up' attitude goes a long way!

Albeno Explains the Medicine of the Vanilla Plant On The Hike Up:



Cool Formations In the Cave:

Da Crew minus Don Pauli

A Couple Days In The Rainforest

The fun rope-bridge was the last step before reaching Albeno's land. Here the family hosts all sorts of groups and visitors from Outward Bound groups to German circus troupes to ethnobotanists. Here we practiced climbing on giant banyan trees and then repelled down, swam, played dominoes, purified in the stone and mud woodfire sauna, and soaked in the O2 being nestled in the rainforest.

The Rope-bridge to cross at Albeno's Land:

The River At Albeno's:

River Complete With Swimming Holes, Rock Diving, and Dangerous Current With Rock Pins

Jesus in the back, John, Don Pauli, and Tio Ben

Who Loves Mud?

I should have taken a picture of my blessed black gum boots that kept me intact through the mud-soaked trails up and down the rainforest mountains. The mud was knee deep at times where I evoked the blessed mantra 'light as a feather' to get me across. At every turn was another paradise waterfall, and another chance to wash the mud off.

A Good Suspension Bridge Crossing Rio Division:

At Every Turn Another Waterfall:

Waterfall Along The Way:

Clay-Mud Trail Through The Mountains:

How Much Fun Can We Have in the River?

When staying at the equator, even in January, swimming is a pretty important part of life for staying cool and mildly clean of mud, until of course the walk back . Pauli brought down some tubes and so ensued fun fun tube rides down the river! A sport deemed safe for adults but maybe not for the kids.....

Rio Division is the backyard at Finca Brujo!

Cool Waters-Great for Tubing!

Rio Division early in the morning:

Welcome to Finca Brujo!

After our air travel to San Jose and a three hour taxi ride to San Isidro a town to the southwest, we halted for a couple of days to gather supplies. Cholo's faithful farm truck brought us a few hours down the dirt road to our final destination: Finca Brujo. Check out more info on the website:

With a Lion of Judah as the front gate our hosts love and intention was abound. The beautiful Rio Division had to be crossed on a tiny Indiana Jones style rope suspension bridge, which really got you into the full realization that we were getting away from the norm, at last.

The beautiful walk from the big house to Pauli's new house:

Sara, Mundo and Ben's new house: